Coda targets Infor customers with migration plan

Coda is developing migration tools to assist clients who wish to switch. Coda
has also promised SunSystems customers a free report, compiled by experienced
consultants, outlining the functionality benefits, efficiency gains, timeline
and costing of a migration.

Coda group marketing director Dave Turner said the strategy to offer a
migration platform to SunSystems users, generally mid-market businesses, had
been developed long before Infor bought Systems Union, the developer of
SunSystems, for $3.8bn (£1.93bn) in April last year.

‘We have always targeted SunSystems users. There is a huge similarity between
SunSystems and ourselves, so it was an obvious area to look at,’ Turner said.

Turner admitted the takeover of Systems Union had assisted Coda in its plans,
as a number of consultants from the group had moved across to Coda after the
deal. They now work closely with any SunSystems user who makes the jump to Coda.

It is estimated there are more than 3,000 SunSystems users, some 2,300 of
which are based in the UK. Many users have been concerned about the future of
their software within the Infor stable and Coda’s plans will be viewed as a
major challenge to the consolidator.

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