Taxation Software – CSM dealer tired of waiting

More than a year after the introduction of self-assessment, tax software houses are still failing to deliver software on time.

A survey of 300 practices by the Chartered Institute of Taxation revealed over 50% of CSM and Taxsoft customers’ expectations on delivery had not been met. Across the industry, overall satisfaction ratings ranged from 45% to 95%.

Former CIoT president John Andrews said: ‘Can you run a business year after year where your customers consistently give you a rating of between four and six out of ten for value?’

Yet less than 5% of the CIoT survey respondents switched suppliers in the past year. ‘Is it only because they cannot avoid the disruption of moving that so many practitioners remain loyal?’ asked Andrews.

JM Computing, a reseller in Manchester, was not so constrained. Earlier this month it switched allegiance from CSM’s taxation and practice management products to FDS’s Taxpoint software and practice management and accounts preparation products from Viztopia.

According to JMC managing director Paul Tobin, the company was ‘excited’ to work with both companies’ 32-bit Windows packages.

FDS managing director Ray Sieber said: ‘JMC has relationships with over 500 accountancy firms in the North East. They were very loyal to CSM but were getting concerned about being left behind in the Windows race.’

CSM has been working on full Microsoft Windows versions of Auditman and Minuteman packages for over two years, which also hampered its effort to deliver software for self-assessment.

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