National Audit Office moves to scotch millennium bug scare stories

The move to undermine the stories came as the national press reported the Government faced a difficult inquiry of preparations following little or no Bug disruption on New Year’s Eve.

An NAO spokesman said that in the two years running up to the turn of the century the government spending watchdog published six reports on Millennium Bug preparations and had ‘always’ planned to go ahead with a post-millennial examination.

‘It was always planned that we would do something after the event to take stock of what happened,’ he said.

The NAO is planning to produce a report in the spring.It is understood rumours may be circulating that too much was spent on computer consultants to eradicate the Bug from IT systems, whispering which may have prompted press coverage of the issue. Reports in the press estimate Government spending to stand at more than £400m.

Any report from the NAO could go before the Public Accounts Committee.

Nuclear and weapons plants hit by millennium bug, according to KPMG research group

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