UK biz must not talk itself into further woes, says Peter Jones

Dragons Den star Peter Jones has warned the financial rumour mill must be
controlled if UK business is to drag itself out of the current quagmire.

“The business community must not talk itself into another further downturn,”
said Jones.

“We are very good at talking ourselves into a situation.

“I think it’s very fair to say we’re not out of the woods [in terms of
corporate collapse], but we’re coming out of the recession.”

The tycoon believed the UK would see a longer period of real recovery as
companies battened down the hatches and rode out the storm.

“There are lots of businesses out there who are keeping quiet because
business is ticking along.

But the counterbalance to that are the serious demises of many SMEs and
clearly there a lot of people out of work.

That’s not a good situation for any economy to have.

“There’s always going to be positive news but we need to reinforce it.”

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Peter Jones is championing Small Business Week 2009, in association with BT

Small Business Week is taking place from 19-23 October, where a range of
government, business and independent organisations will come together to
celebrate and support the country’s 4.7 million small businesses.

The agenda for the week will be set by the 2009 Business Pulse – one of the
UK’s largest ever surveys of smaller enterprises. Find out more and get involved
in Small Business Week at

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