Plea agreement likely in KPMG tax shelter case

16 former KPMG partners
charged with creating and marketing fraudulent tax
shelters could see their marathon case come to an end soon with reports that US
district Judge Lewis
could be preparing the groundwork for a plea agreement or possible
dismissal of the case.

In a filing Judge Kaplan asked defense attorneys what sanctions other than
dismissal of the entire indictment are available, and what steps the government
could voluntarily take to remedy constitutional violations related to payment of
the former partners’ legal fees.

According to some legal experts, the questions indicate that the judge may
want the government and the former KPMG partners to reach a settlement.

‘This could be a subtle way of telling the government there’s still room for
you guys to cut a deal,” Anthony Sabino, a law professor at
St. John’s University’s Tobin College of
Business told Reuters.

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