Tories declare war on small business red tape

At a business breakfast this morning the party leader, and the shadow secretary for Trade and Industry, Angela Browning, revealed seven policies which the Tories say will remove the state off the back of small business.

Browning said: ‘Small businesses form the backbone of Britain’s economy. They are the innovators and risk takers who create wealth and jobs.

‘But despite Tony Blair’s reassurances to small businesses before the last election, he has presided over policies that, over the lifetime of this parliament, will add ú10bn in extra regulatory costs. Hundreds of petty rules and regulations are strangling the creative talents of these entrepreneurs.’

Amongst the Tory proposals are cutting red tape, introducing longer lead-in times for new regulations and exempt small businesses from whole classes of regulation.

The Tories are to take a campaign on a nation wide tour during which meetings will be held to allow small business to express their concerns about the business environment.

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