KPMG falls out of favour with Land Rover

At the height of the dispute last month Land Rover chairman Bob Dover called upon car manufacturers to boycott KPMG after the Big Five firm, as UPF’s receiver, demanded £35m in goodwill payments in return for the continued supply of chassis.

Industry sources said last week that Land Rover would unofficially ban the use of KPMG after buying UPF’s debt and installing as new administrator Grant Thornton.

Officially, Land Rover denied the accusations. A spokesman told Accountancy Age: ‘We have no qualms with KPMG. We are glad we have come to an agreement with them.’

He said it was reasonable that they change the receiver after buying the debt, but added: ‘This doesn’t mean we have crossed KPMG off our contacts list.’

However, industry sources do not believe this means KPMG is back in Land Rover’s good books in light of Dover’s earlier calls for a ban from car manufacturers.

KPMG was unable to comment at the time of going to press.

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