CIO needed for merged Revenue and Customs

Link: Revenue and Customs to take brunt of job cuts

The new CIO will be responsible for a body that handles over £325bn in revenues and employs more than 90,000 staff.

A Revenue spokesman confirmed that no-one currently serves in a similar role for the Revenue, although Len Morris is the recently-appointed director of information and e-services at Customs & Excise.

Permanent secretary to the Treasury Gus O’Donnell said about the new role: ‘The department is advertising for a chief information officer, which will be really crucial for bringing together the team and information sharing.’

The remit of the new position covers information strategy and technology, and the CIO will inherit the Revenue’s new strategic partnership with IT outsourcer Capgemini that officially starts in July.

The Revenue is currently working with Capgemini and current incumbent IT suppliers EDS and Accenture to deal with the transitional phase of the project known as ASPIRE.

Capgemini has taken on the 10-year ASPIRE contract, which aims to meet the challenges the Revenue faces from key drivers such as: modernising government; welfare reform; and ‘e-government’.

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