Accountants can ask their price, poll confirms

Almost one-third of part qualified accountants are earning from £22,000 to
£24,000 in their first job, compared with almost nine in 10 expecting to be
offered less than £22,000, according to the latest poll by internet jobs board

Strong demand for accountancy candidates has put part qualified accountants
in a powerful negotiating position – a majority of 61% was able to raise their
original offer, compared with 29% who were not. Newly qualified accountants
fared better – 67% of whom were able to get a better deal, against 29% who could

‘The best accountancy candidates are in hot demand and many have more
negotiating power than they think,’ Richard Perrott,
chief consultant, told ICAEW’s official publication

‘Part-and newly qualified accountants with the right skill sets are capable
of commanding much better packages than they realise.’

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