Accountants waste too much paper

Accounting firms could do with a greener approach following shocking reports
of their high paper-wastage.

According to research – by economic research consultancy the Centre for
Economics and Business Research (cebr) and European printing company, OKI
Printing Solutions – about £11m is wasted every year by the profession.

The report, Outsourced Printing – a Waste of Paper, suggests that
huge savings could be made by implementing changes in daily printing tasks of
tax and accounting firms.

This would entail primarily printing a higher percentage of materials
in-house, thus reducing the sector’s huge printing bill – swollen through the
outsourced printing of audits, reports, business cards, marketing brochures and
other branded documents.

Chris Gill, Managing Director of OKI Printing Solutions is advising firms to
make savings.

‘An obvious way for this sector to reduce printing costs is to stop all
unnecessary outsourced printing – of which 20% is never even used and then
thrown out. We want people to realise that they can quickly and efficiently
design and print materials in house whilst keeping an accurate control of
costs,’ said Gill.

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