AA Awards 2008: Mid-Tier Software of the Year

Access Accounting proved to be the clear winner despite competing in a
high-quality field for mid-tier software package of the year.

The UK-based software provider scooped the prize after a year of strong
innovation and marketing, which saw the release of its Accounting for carbon
emissions product.

Described as ‘brilliant’ by Dave Hall, MD of client HFL, the product
translates guidelines from Defra and The Carbon Trust to allow companies to see
how much carbon they use.

‘A clever product and superbly timed,’ said one judge.

Data is input from invoices into the general ledger around items such as
rates of gas and electricity supply. These automatically populate the emissions
field in the accounts and shows the amount of carbon used. Carbon budgets can
even be created by group and sub-group.

Others flagged up Access’s commitment to R&D and that the innovation
proved to be the deciding factor in making their judgement.

‘Access caught the eye. They ticked all the boxes,’ said another judge. The
software provider showcased impressive statistics: 95% retention rate across its
SQL products, with 15% of new clients coming from referrals.

A huge 767 customers have offered to add their names to a list of those
willing to ‘positively recommend Access’. It also led the way with it ability to
deal with reverse charge VAT in its software, after legislation was rushed
through to combat carousel fraud.

Sales for the financial year ending June 2008 are up 28% on the previous
financial period.

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