A week in the life of Peter Wyman


Leave home just before 5:30 to catch the first train from Taunton – the only penalty of living in the West Country and working in London…Every Monday I go to the institute for a catch-up with fellow office holders and secretary-general John Collier. The rest of my morning is spent at the DTI. Spend the afternoon at PwC in a series of meetings before going to Shenfield with John to meet the South Essex District Society Committee.

I finally get to my flat at 11:30 and make it into bed as St. Paul’s strikes midnight.


The alarm goes off at 4:30 since I have to be at Heathrow at 6:00 to go to Amsterdam. There is nothing good to say about European flights but it is a good meeting and we achieve a great deal. On the flight home I meet a client and we chat the whole journey. We are only 45 minutes late and I am still in time for dinner with a client who wants to discuss his intractable succession problems. By the end of the evening the problems are still intractable but we’ve put the world to rights on everything else.


In the office at 7:00 to clear yesterday’s emails and post before going to Basingstoke for a client’s board meeting, which is both productive and rather jolly. Back into the office in the early evening to clear today’s emails before going to a rather splendid dinner in one of the City Livery Halls.


In the office for a number of meetings before attending a London Society lunch. I then try to go by train to Cleethorpes but am defeated by Railtrack and so spend eight hours going to Doncaster and back. Fortunately I have work with me so the time is not wasted, but I miss a rather good dinner and let people down, which upsets me a lot.


Breakfast with a client, hastily scheduled the previous evening when I discover I will be in London after all, followed by an audit committee meeting of one of my FTSE 100 clients. I then catch the shuttle to Manchester to go to the Liverpool Society dinner.


Up at 6:15 to catch a plane to the Isle of Mann and then to Bristol and home – bound to be better than risking the trains. After seven hours in the departure lounge waiting for a replacement plane after ours broke its nose wheel when landing, I conclude that life just isn’t fair.


Up early (groan) to fit a weekend’s activity into one day. Just enough time left at the end for a nice family supper before it’s time to set the alarm clock for Monday morning.

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