Government to produce taxpayers’ charter

jane kennedy

Financial secretary to the Treasury, Jane Kennedy

The government is to bow to advisers’ demands and produce a taxpayers’

Financial secretary to the Treasury Jane Kennedy announced the move in
parliament this morning.

She said ‘HM Revenue & Customs is today announcing that it will begin the
process of working with interested parties on the development of a Taxpayers’
Charter, which will set out both taxpayer rights and responsibilities in a
single accessible document.’

The move was largely unexpected by the tax fraternity after a long period of
pressure. The Chartered Institute of Taxation has been one of the most vocal
groups pushing for the change.

‘We’re absolutely delighted with Jane Kennedy’s announcement,’ said CIOT
president Rob Ellerby. ‘We believe that a new charter can make a real
contribution to improving the relationship between taxpayers, tax advisers and
the tax administration.’

Kennedy said that the move would form part of the HMRC powers consultation
which is currently being undertaken.

‘It’s a very welcome surprise,’ added past CIOT president John Whiting.
‘There’s been ongoing work with HMRC’s powers and practices, but that has really
needed the core balance of a taxpayers’ charter.’

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