Customs and Revenue face major overhaul

Link: Revenue’s tax credit system in disarray

Launching the review today, Gordon Brown said: ‘The primary focus of the review will be making public service delivery more effective and efficient. It will be conducted in discussion with unions and other stakeholders.’

It will be led by Gus O’Donnell, permanent secretary to the Treasury, working closely with the two tax chiefs.

The review will look at ways of improving and enhancing services provided to taxpayers – an area which has received particularly bad press lately after the recent tax credits fiasco which has seen Revenue chief Sir Nick Montagu and paymaster general Dawn Primarolo appear before MPs to answer questions.

O’Donnell will consider the setting up of more coherent administrative systems dealing with tax administration, ensuring consistent and effective enforcement of the law (including nabbing those who cheat the taxman) and will look to set up the most appropriate structure for delivering policy advice to ministers.

The review will also look at a new framework of accountability, setting out more clearly the roles and responsibilities for those people working in the two departments.

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