Act your age, warns FD

A lack of extensive business experience should not stop you reaching the top
of your profession, as long as you don’t pretend to be something you’re not,
according to one young finance director.

Interviewed in the September edition of Young Professional,
Accountancy Age’s digital magazine for the next generation of financial leaders,
28 year-old Black Sun FD Charis Walsh believes success at a young age is
possible, as long as you accept the limitations that inexperience brings.

‘I’ve learned to accept that I can’t magically gain 15 years of experience
like the rest of the board,’ said Walsh. ‘It’s not going to happen and I’ve just
got to take the experiences when they come, learn from the mistakes, and go from

‘If you try to act like you’ve got the experience, you are going to fall flat
on your face,’ she added.

This month’s edition of YP also features words of wisdom from Metropolitan
Police finance chief Keith Luck, a guide to the art of networking, a taste of
working life in Australia, plus the latest news, gadgets and tips to help you
make the best impression.

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