Accountant sues M&S over grape accident

An accountant has launched a High Court damages action for more than £300,000
claiming his business suffered after he slipped on a grape in a
& Spencer
store and hurt his leg.

His action, before deputy judge John Leighton Williams QC, is being contested
by the retail giant.

Alexander Martin-Sklan, from Barnet, Herts, who charges £225 an hour for his
accounting services, says he ruptured his quadricep tendon in the fall and
subsequently suffered a loss of ‘confidence’ and depression following his
injury, which meant he was unable to recruit new clients and contacts, The

During his cross-examination, James Aldridge for M&S said : ‘Sometimes
unfortunate accidents do happen without anybody being at fault. Isn’t this just
one of those occasions, because you happened to slip as you were exiting the
supermarket, as sometimes people do?’

story in The Times

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