ICAEW hails syllabus change success

Pass rates in the six papers in the first set of Professional Stage examinations were an average of 4% better compared with the marks for the previous year, according to the institute.

Mark Spofforth, chairman of the institute’s Education and Training Directorate said: ‘The new syllabus has been designed to ensure that ICAEW students receive training which maintains relevance to the evolving nature of our profession. We are really proud of our successful students and their tutors, who rose to the challenge of refocused exam papers and new courses to earn these excellent results.’

Meanwhile students completing the old TC1 exams will have just one more chance in June to re-sit before transferring to the new papers.


Examination Pass List – candidates who passed the Professional Stage/Technical Core 1 Examinations overall at this session.

Examination Credit List – candidates who have obtained credit for subjects in upper case against their names. Credits obtained previously by these candidates are shown in lower case.

The key to the subject codes is as follows:
Professional Stage
PAG Accounting
PAA Audit & Assurance
PBF Business Finance
PBM Business Management
PFR Financial Reporting
PTX Taxation

Technical Core 1
API Auditing and Professional Issues
FA Financial Accounting
FD Financial Decisions
FR Financial Reporting
MIC Management Information and Control
TAX Taxation

National Order of Merit – candidates who have achieved the highest marks either for a subject paper or over all papers sat.

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