Taxables talk tax

Jack and Penny
, the father and daughter double act that form part of the
Institute of Taxation’s tax family
, collared passers-by to raise awareness
of the importance of tax advice.

Pippa from London, who was intercepted by Jack Taxable, said that she ‘didn’t
pay taxes’ and so would not have any need for tax advisers. A CIoT spokesman
noted drily that Pippa was just the type of person who might well benefit from
some tax advice.

Another passer-by claimed he didn’t pay enough tax. And a German tourist, a
tax official in Germany, asked about what taxes she would pay if she worked in
the UK on a short-term basis.

‘Tax has a huge influence on people but it’s so complicated that they try not
to think about it,’ said CIoT president John Cullinane. ‘We’re bringing people’s
attention to the fact we have the best qualified tax advisers.’

The Taxables are designed to illustrate the tax challenges that all families

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