Jargon Buster.

Part eight[QQ] WAN (Wide Area Network)

Network of modem-linked computers covering a large or even global area.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)

Allows interactive content to be requested and delivered to mobile devices such as phones, pagers.

Web browser

Program, such as Netscape or Internet Explorer that allows you to download and display web files and pages.


Application that manages the flow of information by automating the tasks involved in obtaining, processing and distributing data.

XBRL (extensible business reporting mark up language)

New business reporting language for the internet designed specifically for financial statements and wider business communications. It codes each element of business reporting in plain language so just one item, or a group of data, can be tagged and subsequently retrieved.

XML (Extensible Markup Language)

An internet language that separates content from appearance. It allows designers to create customised tags, and share documents between different platforms and computer languages.

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