Netsuite offers lure to tempt Sage customers

Sage’s UK
customers have been offered free data migration to the value of £5,000 if they
dump the FTSE 100 software group and defect to
which offers an exclusively web-based suite of business applications. The
migration incentive will be available until the end of August.

‘Switching business software takes time and effort. We want to give
businesses that are unhappy with their software the impetus to make that
change,’ said Craig Sullivan, senior director of product management at Netsuite.

Netsuite is still in the process of establishing itself in the UK, but has
already lured around a dozen Sage customers. The company is targeting the
massive Sage customer base in the UK because it believes that there are large
swathes of dissatisfied Sage users that it can lure over.

Sullivan said he was especially interested in winning the business of growing
companies that had outgrown Sage’s Line 50 and had to make the switch to Line

Sage has already countered such raids on its customer base by increasing
investment in research and development and improving the integration of its

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