Brüner reappointed director-general of OLAF

The European Commission, European Union (EU) Council of Ministers and the
European Parliament have reappointed Franz-Hermann Brüner as director-general of
anti-fraud office OLAF for the next five years.

The surprise decision came after the parliament and the council both
announced earlier that they preferred alternative candidates. OLAF’s performance
has also been publicly criticised recently.

However, a meeting of the three EU institutions today reappointed Brüner. EU
anti-fraud commissioner Siim Kallas said: ‘We have discussed, weighed the
positions expressed by each institution and have agreed that Mr Brüner is best
suited for the post.’

He added that the German had a ‘strong mandate’, given the year-long
consultation over the reappointment. Such political capital was necessary, said
Kallas, ‘because of OLAF’s special status as independent office to fight against
fraud and protect the EU’s financial interests’.

He continued: ‘I want OLAF to be a pillar of trust in the way the EU manages
its finances and with Mr Brüner heading the office I am sure I will have a
strong ally.’

The commissioner did not comment on how Brüner’s mandate would be affected by
the parliament’s previously favouring former Interpol president Björn Eriksson;
and the council, the UN Board of Auditors’ Alain Gillette.

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