JD Edwards’ users oppose Oracle deal

Link: Oracle slams PeopleSoft ‘lies’

Some 96% of JD Edwards customers polled by user group Quest, said if Oracle acquired PeopleSoft after PeopleSoft had acquired JD Edwards, then JD Edwards users would be left out in the cold.

But 80% of JD Edwards customers support the merger with PeopleSoft, the survey revealed.

Dave Watts, president of Quest, an independent group which represents JD Edwards users in more than 50 countries, said in a statement: ‘We believe the Oracle deal would significantly reduce the number and quality of choices for consumers of enterprise software.’

The view is shared by UK users.

Paul Every, head of corporate systems for Jersey treasury who voted in the Quest poll, said: “If Oracle bought JD Edwards as part of PeopleSoft, would there be an upgrade path? JD Edwards users would just be the poor relation.

‘Oracle don’t want to improve the customer’s lot. They want to remove a player from the market,’ he added.

But Every said a merger between JD Edwards and PeopleSoft would be ‘a positive move, because PeopleSoft are stronger in payroll and human resources software and in local government.’

Steve Phillips, business applications manager, at Tandberg Television, a network provider for broadcasting, which uses JD Edwards OneWorld software, said: ‘JD Edwards would probably go to the wall without a merger and PeopleSoft is the least-worst fit.’

He added: ‘About 80% of JD Edwards users have resisted moving from World to OneWorld software, but they will have to at some point and that’s a massive customer base for PeopleSoft to pick up if the merger goes through.

‘It would create a company with more clout if they took the best of breed products with a sensible upgrade path, but if Oracle takes over PeopleSoft it would dump JD Edwards product development.’

Despite Oracle taking out full-page adverts making public its commitment to PeopleSoft customers that it will not shut down PeopleSoft products and force them to covert to Oracle E-Business Suite applications, users remain unconvinced.

Quest’s Watts said: ‘The “sound bites” from Oracle’s upper management suggest that this deal is not intended to benefit consumers by enhancing the current product offerings of either company, but rather to remove one competitor from the marketplace.

‘The loser in the end won’t be JD Edwards, PeopleSoft or Oracle. It will be users, such as those represented by Quest.’

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