TakingStock – Inspect-a-gadget.

TS is unreservedly impressed this week. For anyone bagging more than a million notes each year a helicopter is small beer and will get your thoughts where they should have always been – in the clouds.

Apparently fuel is only 30p a litre and you can cut journey time to North Wales by 80%. Mind you if you’re wealthy enough to hire a helicopter you’re probably powerful enough to send some poor junior to North Wales in his Ford Fiesta.

Anyway Dorset businessman John Poole, of Rotor Wing Training Consultancy, reckons the man about town/corporate giant needs a Bell 206 JetRanger to solve his travel blues and can show you how to get one.

But what you have to remember, John, is that most senior partners still buy their suits from M&S so how you will be able to persuade them to graduate from a Montego to a helicopter, TS cannot tell.

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