Institute homes in on Blewitt’s successor


ACCA is set to announce the identity of its new chief executive ‘within the
next few weeks’.

Two ACCA insiders have been mooted as potential successors to Allen Blewitt,
but they are believed to be merely two of a wide-ranging field.

Helen Brand, currently managing director for strategy and development, and
Andrew Harding, the managing director for finance and operations, are both
thought to have been interviewed for the position.

‘A series of interviews have taken place, and different levels of interview,’
a spokesman for ACCA said, without confirming or denying whether Brand and
Harding were among those.

The remuneration committee, led by Brendan Murtagh, is now making its mind up
and hopes to announce a successor shortly.

Blewitt announced in December that he would be stepping down at the end of
this year, prompting the search for a new chief executive. Blewitt came from the
institute’s Asia-Pacific region and, given its importance to ACCA, a successor
could come from the same area.

‘Because we are global [we need] someone with an understanding of a global
organisation,’ a spokesman said.

The post of chief executive was advertised in The Sunday Times
earlier this year, and a decision will be made by Murtagh’s committee of council

When asked at the recent AGM whether or not it would ensure the new boss
would be an ACCA member, Murtagh said the body would be seeking the best person
for the job.

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