KPMG looks to educate our children

Children could be educated in ‘KPMG schools’ if plans for trust schools go

The education bill will set up trust schools, which are intended to attract
more private involvement in children’s education.

At a seminar in Downing Street this week involving the prime minister, KPMG
said the idea should be embraced. ‘The skills situation (in the UK) is frankly
terrifying,’ said Paul Lawrence, KPMG’s national director for education advisory
services. ‘We need to skill up, otherwise we will not survive.’

Lawrence said KPMG wanted to focus on schools where there was the most
deprivation ‘to make the biggest difference’.

Tony Blair said the idea of private organisations’ involvement in schools was
not new. ‘What is new in the past decade is the greater opportunity for
partnerships,’ he added.

It is not clear precisely how the Big Four firm would be involved with
schools, although Lawrence did suggest that its expertise in financial
management could be contributed, downplaying the idea of a purely financial

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