Businesses ‘fail’ to use data tools properly

Businesses are still failing to make the best use of business intelligence
tools due to a lack of company-wide deployment of the technology, the Butler
Group has claimed.

In its latest report, ‘Business Intelligence – A Strategic Approach to
Extending and Standardising the Use of BI’, the Butler Group of analysts found
that multiple deployment of tools across a business were mainly used for
departmental data control and management issues.

It said the technology’s ability to support intelligence requirements was
‘severely constrained’.

‘The era in which the isolated use of multiple BI tools can be relied upon to
support enterprise decision making is outdated, inefficient and must come to a
close,’ according to Andrew Kellett, senior research analyst and author of the

‘The future value of BI to business organisations will come from their
extended use across the business, but Kellett warned that BI had ‘failed to
endear itself to the end-user as it is yet to shake off its image of being a
provider of solutions for the technically aware’.

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