ICAEW critic caught up in ‘dodgy’ university row

A well-known ICAEW critic has become embroiled in a row over a university
that he admits is ‘dodgy’, but he says he is working to help sort out the
problems at the body.

Jeff Wooller, known for his attacks on the institute, faced questions this
week about his role with the Irish International University, where he is
honorary chancellor, after
told a BBC undercover team
: ‘Of course it’s dodgy.’

Wooller told Accountancy Age that he had warned the Irish
International University of its governance failings.

Wooller, who is known as Baron Knowth under a title he bought, said that he
had urged the institution to create a qualification accreditation body separate
from the university.

The university claimed it had a Dublin campus, which the BBC alleged does not
exist, and that its qualifications were accredited by the Quality Assurance
Commission – but the body is owned by the IIU’s boss.

‘By being with them, I thought I could improve things,’ said Wooller. ‘I said
I would resign unless [they] made the changes, which they did.’

He added that thousands of people were happy with their degrees and that he
was not involved in the UK operation, ‘where there are half a dozen people not

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