AdSlot1 bounces back

Fashionmall, the company which snapped up Boo for a bargain price in June, has relaunched the site in a similar vein, offering a number of lifestyle and fashion products, but with a less flagrant attitude towards investor money after the original Boo burnt more than £80m in its short life.

The attitude adjustment is evident in the site’s figurehead and guide, Miss Boo, who acknowledges that ‘she’s learnt the hard way and, after losing her previous job, has returned with a more down-to-earth attitude’.

The site also says that it will not ‘dictate products or trends’, but will encourage the ‘comfortable self-expression of the individual’, selling beauty products, small electronic items and more kitsch merchandise such as golf buggy-style utility vehicles.

Boo goes live to a UK and US audience today on the back of a $1m marketing campaign.

Boo president Kate Buggeln said: ‘We are fortunate to have acquired the legacy of the name. This has attracted a significant amount of interest and prevents us from having to spend a significant amount of money on advertising.’

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