Taking Stock – If you think our Revenue officials are tough …

Last week the English ICA’s tax faculty condemned new proposals to crack down on tax dodgers as shoddy and lacking in credibility. In a letter to government ministers, the tax think-tank urged Whitehall to reconsider plans to implement reforms proposed by Lord Grabiner QC, including a new criminal offence of fraudulently avoiding income tax. But UK tax experts clearly don’t know which side their bread is buttered. The sometimes heavy-handed approach of Inland Revenue officials is nothing compared to that of some overseas tax authorities. Take Pakistan for example. Just last week a businessman was reported to have died after being tied up in chains and questioned over tax evasion. The death caused somewhat of a stink among traders who have claimed a crackdown on tax dodgers was being approached rather too zealously. Police found the body of the trader in a bathroom at tax department offices where he had been taken for questioning. Relatives claim the trader was tortured to death by officials but the tax department denies the allegations.

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