PKF: HMRC could be liable for millions

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) could be liable for millions of pounds in
repayments following last year’s European Court of Justice ruling in a case
favouring JP Morgan, that fund management of venture capital trusts (VCTs)
should have been exempt from VAT since 1990, says accountants

HMRC is applying a three-year cap on claims but after an earlier ruling from
the House of Lords this year, HMRC says it will also meet claims for
overpayments made between January 1, 1990 and December 4, 1996 as long as they
are lodged before April 2009, according to MoneyMarketing.

‘This is a great result for VCTs and shows that HMRC are applying VAT
exemptions too narrowly in certain areas. The good news for investors is that
this should increase the value of the funds in which they are invested,’ Debbie
Jennings, PKF VAT director, said.

Meanwhile, the National
Association of Pension Funds
is taking a case with the pension fund for
Ford, Jaguar and Land Rover to the UK VAT Tribunal, claiming pension fund
management should be exempt from VAT following the JP Morgan ruling.

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