TakingStock – Playboy bunny socker at IASB.

As members of the International Accounting Standards Board last week debated the rebranding and implementation of new standards, TS was casting an eye around the room for some respite from the rather arduous process of global standard-setting. Suddenly TS’s weary eye came to rest unintentionally on the Playboy socks of one of its venerable liaison board members, Tatsumi Yamada. Yes, Mr Yamada was proudly sporting one of the world’s most notorious brands of all – the Playboy bunny.

Now there’s one brand that need never reinvent itself. Unlike the IASB, of course, which could certainly do with something livening up proceedings.

And reinvention is always best started from the bottom up.If the IASB’s most gripping move is revealing a pair of rabbit head socks something surely is missing. We salute you Mr Yamada. The IASB needs more bunnies.

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