Taking Stock – Owen in the bog again – and this time he fancies the

An accountant knows when he’s deep in the proverbial. When the figures don’t add up it’s often the man with his hands on the books who turns out to be the navigator through creeks full of the unspeakable.

However, it takes a special kind of numbers man to get in over his head in a bog by choice. But Peter Owen, tax partner with HLB Kidsons in Bristol is such a man.

Last year, Owen became World Bog Snorkelling Champion. Not yet an Olympic discipline, bog snorkelling requires Owen to swim the length of a nasty sludge filled ditch breathing through a length of rubber tubing, known as a ‘snorkel’.

‘It’s just a great way to spend the day,’ says Owen. ‘My sons all have a go too.’

You wonder if they wouldn’t rather be playing football somewhere dry.

Believe it or not Owen had set out this year to get the world record, but informs TS his training hasn’t been good enough. Training! He trains for this? Where? Why?

And he told us about his technique. ‘You have to pace yourself,’ he says.

Surely when you’re in the mire you just want to get out again as soon as possible?

TS can only imagine that Owen is so used to getting his clients out of tax quagmires, he decided to enjoy them in his spare time, too. ?:

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