Companies not embracing e-business

Only 15% of The Times Top 1000 companies have an ebusiness strategy for 2001, and just 52% of these traded electronically in 2001.

The findings by research firm ICM on behalf of ebusiness consultancy Rubus reveal that while 90% of respondents acknowledged the importance of an effective online presence or using internet technology to achieve their business objective, many do not have the systems that allow for online transactions.

Only half of those surveyed employed a dedicated head of ecommerce or ebusiness, despite the fact that 80% stated their intention to exploit new interactive channels this year, such as interactive TV and mobile applications.

Michael Walton, chief executive at Rubus, said: ‘While companies recognise the potential benefits that ebusiness will bring to their commercial operations, and are keen to invest in it, they are failing to properly plan for it.’

He added: ‘It is clear that the decision to get online is not being met with the appropriate strategies to get it right. The success of interactive projects lies in commitment at all levels of the organisation, as well as proper planning and correct execution.’

However, some industry sectors are up to speed while others lag behind. Some 77 per cent of companies in the financial services industry use the internet as part of business operations, compared to the manufacturing/industrial sector at just 33%.

A north/south divide is also evident, as 72 per cent of organisations in the north admitted that other business matters could get in the way of successfully implementing their ebusiness plans, compared with just 33 per cent in the south.

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