Technology CFOs don’t see ‘green’ as growth driver

Technology CFOs don’t see green innovation as driving forward the IT sector,
a survey by BDO Seidman has shown.

Only 12% of US CFOs in technology companies saw green technologies as a
growth driver in the coming year.

The ability to recruit and retain talent has dropped from being one of the
biggest concerns for respondents in 2008 (38%), to one of the lowest concerns in
2009 (12%). The ability to manage risk is the biggest challenge for the this
year as just fewer than 40% agreed with that statement, followed by access to
capital (33%) and financial reporting and corporate governance (8%).

‘This year, the survey reveals a sober outlook towards revenue growth,
leading CFOs to consider rebooting their companies’ operations and reassessing
internal processes,’ said Bob Strasser, partner at BDO Seidmans technology

BDO Seidman, the US arm of BDO International, conducted a Technology Outlook
survey of US CFOs in technology companies’ attitudes – to the challenges of

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