Deloittes highlights potential in failures

A report called The Aftermarket suggests many retailers should now consider whether it is worth developing their own website when they could try and acquire one that already exists.

KPMG, the liquidators for, yesterday emphasised the strengths of the troubled e-tailer’s back-end operation. Business Recovery partner Mike McLoughlin said: ‘The infrastructure has a huge capacity. This represents a real point of interest for potential buyers.’

The Big Five firm believes it could sell the back-end separately to another retailer, leaving the brand and website available for other offers.

And Deloittes audit partner in e-business Roger Miles agreed.

‘While a retailer is unlikely to get an online player for a rock-bottom price, suggests it is becoming more feasible to consider such acquisition without breaking the bank,’ he said.

‘As the shakeout continues in 2000, the price of acquisition will become more realistic, and the enterprising retailer can capitalise on the e-tailer’s assets.’

The Aftermarket

KPMG gives buyers 24 hours to raise £1m

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