NAO urges BBC to get value from Digital

The BBC Trust has accepted
Audit Office
(NAO)’s recommendations in its independent report, The BBC’s
Preparedness for Digital Switchover, calling for improvement of the evaluation
of its £200m funding to Digital UK, and has undertaken to monitor progress.

The trust, which commissioned the report from NAO in relation to the
switchover from its existing analogue to digital network by 2012, also has
agreed the BBC will further strengthen its oversight of switchover work by
adding an independent representative on the project governance board.

Furthermore, BBC will also establish performance indicators for the help
scheme and the trust will ensure that, where possible, BBC follows lessons
learned from the switchover in the Copeland region, scheduled for completion
this month.

Jeremy Peat, BBC trustee, said the trust would continue to scrutinise BBC’s
preparations for the digital switchover and would commission a review of the
digital switchover help scheme around 2009 to monitor the operational value for
money of the scheme.

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