Taxation Checklist – Filing boost by Revenue.

Inland Revenue[QQ] The Revenue has published details of all clearance applications and approvals required under the Taxes Act, together with details of where they should be sent. The Inland Revenue has published details on the workings of the Enforcement Office; updated PEP Guidance Notes for PEP managers; plus its latest report on the Tax Law Rewrite project. It also issued a revised 64-8 form, providing details within the authority of the Revenue which can be downloaded from the Revenue’s website. The government has tabled amendments to the Finance Bill relating to groups of companies. (Revenue press release 13 June). The government has tabled amendments to the Finance Bill which improve the tax treatment of companies which draw up their accounts in a foreign currency. (Revenue press release: 12 June). The 1999 edition of the official Taxes Act has been published by the Revenue. The package costs #195 plus #5.25. (Press release, 8 June). English ICA Tax Faculty The Tax Faculty has released a new guidance note (published as TAXGUIDE 4/00) on appeals to the General Commissioners. The Tax Faculty has published on its website an agreed note (published as TAXGUIDE 5/00) of the first bi-annual meeting between various representative bodies and the Accounting Standards Board. See the faculty’s website for more details.

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