Venture capitalists more upbeat

Link: Vs upbeat despite economic gloom

The latest private equity confidence survey by Deloitte & Touch, released today, found that a quarter of VCs expect an improvement in economic conditions to drive deal activity in the coming months.

Sixty-six percent of respondents said deal volumes would increase in the next six months, while just 13% remained pessimistic, expecting conditions to deteriorate.

VCs also expect secondary buy-outs to be a major source of investment opportunities and say refinancing will drive a greater proportion of exits over the next six months.

Improved confidence in economic conditions is expected to make deal pricing easier, in turning boosting transaction activity.

Mark Pacitti, private equity partner at the firm said activity in the industry had already started to ‘ramp up in recent weeks with Selfridges, Chubb and Debenhams, among the high profile businesses that are being approached by VCs’.

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