Football bosses resign as clubs face shaky future

Link: Football in hot water after ITV digital loss

League chief executive David Burns and chairman Keith Harris have both quit this morning after a meeting of the League’s board of directors in London.

Both have been under pressure to resign after a High Court judge ruled last week that ITV Digital parents Carlton and Granada were not liable for the £178.5m owed to the League.

Harris admitted he was under pressure to quit. In a report on the League’s website, he said: ‘If the League chairmen want heads to roll, and if this is a cock-up that demands heads to roll, then I’m not going to stand in anyone’s way.’

The loss of the lawsuit has left many League clubs short for the season, which begins next Saturday. Although rights to air clubs’ matches were sold to Sky in a £95m four-year, losing the lawsuit will mean they will not have £131m they expected to receive.

The move comes amid speculation of a massive overhaul in the League’s organisation.

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