Is he writing in English?[QQ] I attempted to read and digest the article written by KPMG’s Gerry Acher (Comment: On why business should take sustainable development seriously, page 8, 31 August). I say attempted as it seemed to be the usual liberal rubbish that is being bandied about of late. It was full of politically correct phrases but totally lacking in content which seems to be par for the course nowadays. Possibly the reason for the loss of the Alliance & Leicester audit was a result of their board being unable to comprehend his ‘sustainable (but incomprehensible) philosophies’. A reversion to sensible and more understandable English may well work wonders! R.T. Norrie DSS on a par with the MoD I am not surprised that the MoD has been condemned over poor financial controls (MoD slated over finances, page 2, 31 August). The DSS is exactly the same. Having spent a nine month contract working in the accounts department helping produce the monthly accounts for submission to Whitehall, I then moved on because I simply didn’t want to be tainted with all the ‘crap’ unresolved balances built up over years of mis-management, under-funding and wasted computer systems. I just could not believe the millions of pounds wasted. Frank Wall , via e-mail Time for a takeover? If the ACCA council strongly desires rationalisation of the profession, then why not approach the English ICA with a view to ACCA being taken over by the ICA? This would achieve substantial rationalisation, although, one must admit, some egos might be a little bruised. J.H.Davies Never learning from the same mistakes Your article (FDs call for Dome to close, p1, 17 August) made me smile. Another ‘value’ for money report after the event by the National Audit Office, to go with all the others by the Audit Commission in other major expenditure projects.

Why does the NAO and Audit Commission not carry these out before the event, then all of us as taxpayers can benefit from their wisdom and the savings they invariably identify with the benefit of hindsight.

Better still they should get their hands dirty by participating in real decision making in running these projects.

Michael Clarke

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