Government on track to be world e-leader

Senior government executives anticipate a 424% growth rate over the next two years in customers using the internet as a primary source to access government services, according to new research.

The UK could become the world’s leading e-government if it is able to meet anticipated growth in demand for internet accessibility, according to a study published by Deloitte & Touche today.

If government agencies fulfil expectations, it will mean a jump from 8% to 41% of customers using the internet to receive government information by 2002. It will also mean that the UK government will lead the world ahead of the US whose current prediction for 2002 is 31%, according to the study.

Deborah Goodwin, partner, said: ‘It is the customers that are driving the ‘e-government’ explosion. Their expectations have been heightened as a result of experiences with private sector organisations such as online financial services, retailers and travel agents.’

The ercentage of customers predicted to prefer internet access for government services by 2002 for Canada is 40%, Australia 34% and New Zealand 24%.

Other UK key findings show that the 60% of government agencies currently have electronic services either already in place or soon to be implemented. The global average is 53%. Forty percent of government agencies view technology as the solution to improved customer relations.

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