‘Great Plains unscathed by flaws’

Link: Great Plains users at risk from security flaw

Steve Borthwick, head of support at MBS, which acquired Great Plains in 2001, said its helpdesk had received no calls from users of Great Plains 7.5: ‘There has been no feedback from Great Plains customers on this issue.’

A potential security problem for Great Plains 7.5 users arose when the accounting software package was named as one of a host of software products vulnerable to a security flaw identified in Microsoft’s Visual Basic for Applications technology, a core part of Microsoft’s Office Suite.

VBA is the engine that allows Microsoft Office products, such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook, to communicate with other technologies and share information. The flaw creates a backdoor that could allow hackers to compromise a Windows system, read files and run programs on it.

For an attack to be successful, a user would have to open a specially crafted document sent to them by an attacker. ‘This document could be of any type that supports VBA, such as a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation,’ Microsoft said.

Borthwick said a security patch issued by Microsoft would fix the problem in the VBA technology and prevent vulnerability in users’ systems.

This latest security scare caps a rough summer for Microsoft. In August, a crippling flaw was discovered in Microsoft’s key operating systems sending panic through many finance departments, while the infamous Blaster worm virus created havoc for millions using Microsoft operating systems.

Microsoft has issued patches for all of these problems, which can be downloaded at

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