BDO: FDs uncertain in current credit crunch

Results from
Stoy Hayward
’s latest survey of UK financial directors, accountants and
business advisers, show 34% of FDs at present do not feel comfortable their
company has sufficient access to capital and fresh sources of finance.

More than 30% of UK FDs said that, if their company was experiencing
financial difficulties, they would continue as normal, hoping for things would
improve rather than seek advice.

Other findings showed almost 30% of respondents never assessed the impact of
current economic conditions on their business; 15% never produced management
accounts; only 3% would turn to a turnaround director, the majority turning to
their bankers; and 35% had not carried out a robust analysis of the financial
health of their business in six months.

Mike Prangley, BDO Stoy Hayward business restructuring partner, said ‘some
corporates are showing signs of reluctance to accept there are problems’. ‘All
the findings show a severe change of mindset is needed. Confidence has been
riding high in the financial markets but with the recent credit crunch still not
fully played out, it is apparent that defence strategies, increased awareness
and an understanding of turnaround services and where to find them are

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