Tesco snaps up software for carbon footprint accounting

Tesco has signed a deal with carbon accounting technology supplier, CA
ecoSoftware, to help the retailer reduce emissions and prepare for upcoming
environmental legislation.

A statement by the company said “Tesco has implemented CA ecoSoftware to help
increase the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of its carbon accounting process,
enabling the company to more effectively track progress in pursuit of its
ambitious carbon reduction goals.”

“We announced our (carbon reduction) plan two years ago to reduce our carbon
footprint by 50% across all of our global operations we knew we were taking on a
big task,” said Mike Yorwerth, IT director of Tesco.

“Since that time a number of people across the business have been involved in
measuring, documenting and reporting on our emissions—a time-consuming, largely
manual task” he added.

Yorwerth continued the new software was to “streamline” that process and
reduce expenses from manual data gathering.

Tesco announced in 2007 it was setting 2006 as a baseline in which to reduce
its emissions by 50% by 2020, halve distribution CO2 levels by 2012. The company
has already halved its energy per square foot in the UK and is diverting all
landfill waste.

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