Small Practitioners Association acts to end rift

The move follows the completion of controversial plans for a new ‘Focus’ to replace the institute’s long-established General Practitioners Board.

GPB chairman John Malthouse said the SPA – which broke away over concerns that it wasn’t representing the interests of small practitioners – had made merger overtures and put out a circular claiming the ‘less effective General Practitioner Board is being retired’.

He also said: ‘Many of us have felt for a long time the SPA has lost its way. Perhaps that’s why there’s a strong drive from them towards a faculty – as a safe haven.

‘My view is that we should put all our efforts for improvement at the centre; at the English ICA, and not via a breakaway organisation.’

SPA chairman Peter Mitchell said he had talked to the institute about what support it could offer small firms.

‘In the last month I have spoken to the General Practitioners Focus and had the odd conversation with John Malthouse,’ he added.

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