FDs split over environmental reporting

This week’s poll found 41% in favour and 42% against – 17% were undecided.

The result follows US president George Bush’s decision to reject the Kyoto agreement last week. Many said firms should be aware of ethical responsibilities and not the bottom line, warning of the need for independent audit.

‘Businesses have responsibilities to employees and the community. The objective should be to improve our shared environment not just to provide another stick to beat businesses,’ said David Brassington, FD at Saitek.

Many said business would be landed with more red tape. ‘Anyone with environmental hazards has to report to public bodies and it is a matter of public record,’ added an anonymous FD.

Meanwhile, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants today said that the government should go further in encouraging UK businesses to report on the impact their activities have on the environment.

ACCA said that the government will need to set out more strongly argued business reasons for environmental reporting.


Green reports make sound business sense

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