Cameron: Govt’s stamp duty leak was ‘reckless’

Opposition leader David Cameron is accusing Labour ministers of exacerbating
problems in the housing market, slamming the government for its ‘completely
reckless’ briefing of plans which could defer stamp duty.

Peter Bolton-King, National Association of Estate Agents chief executive, was
in a meeting with Cameron yesterday, before reiterating his call to Darling to
end the ‘damaging uncertainty’ caused by the leaks.

Cameron said that last week’s stamp duty leak, widely assumed in Whitehall to
have originated from Downing Street, reflected a government seemingly intent on
making the crisis in the housing market even worse, the Financial Times

Cameron admitted there was no ‘magic wand’ politicians could wave to solve
economic problems such as negative equity and rising inflation. But he rebuffed
criticism of the Conservative pledge on housing, that axing stamp duty for
first-time buyers on properties up to £250,000, risked tempting people
irresponsibly into a falling market.

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