Mazars called in at Livingston FC

Insolvency experts from Mazars have been called in at Livingston Football
Club Ltd after the Scottish football club failed to pay its rent.

West Lothian Council lodged a petition after non-payment of rent on the
club’s Almondvale Stadium. This resulted in Donald McGruther of Mazars being
appointed interim manager, under the Insolvency Act 1986, of the troubled club.

McGruther was previously liquidator of Falkirk FC in 1997. The club was
eventually returned to health and all creditors were paid in full following a
successful purchase.

Livingston FC has been in existence since 1943 and was originally a works
team known as Ferranti Thistle.

It entered the Scottish Football League in 1974. The club then moved to the
town of Livingston in 1995 following financial difficulties and changed it’s
name to match the new location.

This was followed by the club’s most successful period, which saw the team
move from the third division to the Scottish Premier league within six seasons
and qualify for the UEFA cup. It was then relegated to the First Division in

McGruther said: ‘We are working hard to preserve the value of Livingston and
produce a positive outcome for all. We thank fans in advance for their continued
support in this turbulent period.’

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