Sarkozy orders audit of French ministers

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has hired private
auditors to rate the performance of his ministers three times a year.

Sarkozy’s prime minister, François Fillon, has been tasked with issuing marks
to each of the 14 ministers in the coming weeks, with the assistance of
consulting firm Mars & Co.

The ministers are to receive grades based on 30 indicators which are
particular to their portfolios. Junior ministers will be assessed in 15 areas.

Mars & Co developed the criteria for assessment with the help of civil

The immigration minister, Brice Hortefeux, could be assessed based on the
number of illegal immigrants expelled while culture minister Christine Albanel
could be graded on attendance at free museums, the

The opposition Socialists disapproved of the report cards, saying government
should only be answerable to the French parliament.

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