Dentists included in doctors’ amnesty plan

The taxman has now included dentists in the tax amnesty for medical
professionals, which kicked off last week.

Medical professionals were given the olive branch to notify the taxman of
undeclared income generated from consultancy work, but dentists were not
initially included, because they were not regulated by the medical profession’s
governing body.

“It has been decided to include dentists in the Tax Health Plan, which
started on the 11 January 2010,” HMRevenue & Customs announced today.

“Dentists were always one of the professional groups we planned to include
early in the campaign and we have already done much background work and this
will mean that, as with GMC-regulated professionals, we will be able to provide
the necessary support as well as being able to pursue any follow-up activity

The THP provides a simple, straightforward opportunity for medical
professionals, including dentists, to get their tax affairs in order, HMRC

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